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Anti-Immigrant Measure Targeted For 2012 Houston Ballot—Going After Immigrants And The Sharing Of Food With The Homeless Instead Of A Hopeful Agenda For Houston

Here are some folks who were using the forum provided by the Iraq veterans parade in Houston this past Sunday to promote two anti-immigrant ballot initiatives for the City of Houston 2012 ballot.

These folks are free to use public space to promote their cause.

(Though under the new Houston-anti food sharing law, using public space to feed the homeless will in many cases now be a criminal offense. Here is a link to a form that will allow you to volunteer to help repeal the anti-food sharing law.) 

Here is website of the group pushing the anti-immigrant measure. 

I’m not concerned with linking to this group. If this is what people want, then they can decide this is what they want.

Here is a recent report in which the Houston-area was found to be the most ethnically diverse region in the nation.

We can either move forward in an open and welcoming way that makes Houston a hopeful place, or we can choose another course.

It is many ways less a matter of public policy, than it is a decision as to what kind of people we are going to be, and how we are going to present ourselves and the world to young people.

It would be far more productive if our city was discussing progress, rather than going after immigrants and going after the sharing of food with the homeless.

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  1. The racist implications of many anti-immigration movements will force the soon to be hispanic majority in Texas to block any future efforts that opposes a reasonable path to U.S. citizenship by illegals that have been here for years, raised a family and contributed to the economy. Whites in Texas are no longer the majority in the state with 45% of the population being non-Hispanic whites.

    The city of San Antonio already has an hispanic majority and other major metropolitan areas in Texas will be following suit soon.

    Comment by lbwoodgate | April 10, 2012

  2. Hopefully folks will begin to vote. We’ve been waiting for that for a long time.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 11, 2012

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  4. I hope the illegals are gonna get kicked out.

    Comment by Abudai | July 8, 2012

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