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Two Protests Against Cruel Proposed Houston Anti-Food Sharing Ordinance On Tuesday, April 3—Annise Parker Wants To Limit How You Can Help Those Most In Need

There are two upcoming events to protest the ongoing efforts of Houston Mayor Annise Parker and  Houston City Council to criminalize many acts of sharing food with the homeless in Houston.

Both protests are taking place on Tuesday, April 3.

Here is the first event–

Those wanting to share food with one another can gather in anticipation of the Free To Give public rally which meets @ 1:00 PM outside Houston City Hall.

Starting at 11am, feel free to come to the people’s park: Hermann Square Park around the reflection pool at City Hall. Bring homemade snacks, treats from some of our great local businesses, a blanket, and your 1st amendment right to gather with edibles.

We’re also trying to get as many of our needy friends out to share lunch with us. If you work with a community like this, please invite them out! We will be signing up people to speak at that time.

Lots of people have a lunch hour. Let’s support the people who are trying to make our government work FOR us, not against us.

Here is the Facebook page for this event.

Here is the 2nd event–

Public Rally at 1:00 PM outside Houston City Hall by reflection pool. Also, if you can sign up to Speak at Houston City Council meeting at 2 PM for 1, 2 or 3 minutes or just attend the public meeting to show support against the City’s continued effort to criminalize feeding the homeless. To speak call the Houston City Secretary at 832/393-1100 and ask to speak under the subject “Anti-Giving and Sharing Food Ordinance” Chapter 20 and choose 1, 2 or 3 minutes.

Here is the Facebook page for this rally.

Conservative Mayor Annise Parker merits a challenger from the left in 2013. This link also details Mayor Parker’s odd views about how public space in really private space.

How in these hard times can it made illegal to help those most in need? How can this be the right course at any time?

I will be at these Tuesday protests. I hope to see you there as well.

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  1. New Campaign theme for Annise Parker: $ Friend of the Fortunate$

    Comment by lbwoodgate | March 31, 2012

  2. This post is misleading. The mayor is trying to ensure that food served to the needy is held to safety standards and that the mess in these charities always leave behind is cleaned up afterwards. There are already systems in place that feed and shelter the homeless, such as star of hope. The charities from the suburbs that want to help should provide funding to these organizations that already have the framework setup to properly aide those in need instead of trying to do it on their own just so they can brag about in their sermon on Sunday morning.

    These charities that the Mayor is trying to prohibit make the situation worse for the homeless by giving them false temporary security instead of giving them true help, such as medical and mental treatment and help finding work, that only organizations like Star of Hope can provide.

    I will be at these events to support the Mayor.

    Comment by tebor79 | March 31, 2012

  3. Star of Hope can’t help all who knock on their door! Some people do not even have a way to get there. People on foot, hungry and thirsty and you say I can’t help them???? Locke ME up!

    Comment by Sharon Jackson | April 1, 2012

  4. Every time I see a story about this topic, I just keep thinking about how many homeless folks are pulling food out of the trash.

    Statistically speaking, that’s gotta be less healthful than a sandwich being handed to me that hasn’t been lying in a dumpster for 6 hours.

    The mayor’s stated intent here is an obvious lie. Isn’t this the same administration that has been passing anti-homeless ordinances at record speed – keeping homeless humans farther away from patio restaurants while allowing dogs to get in?

    The current organizations assisting homeless folks won’t usually touch those who are drunk, on drugs, or who have serious mental illness – the very groups MOST over-represented among the homeless. I mean, those are some of the biggest causes of homelessness (particularly the mental illness).

    Like any good conservative, the mayor would like the homeless to go away.

    Comment by katydidknot | April 1, 2012

  5. This article is very misleading and unfair, I am a liberal and do not even agree with you. There are other issues at hand here, please do you research before disseminating this type of information.

    Comment by Justin Bryan Galloway | April 2, 2012

  6. 3 laws regarding the homeless in 9 months and a Mayor who says that public space is private. These facts seems clear enough.

    I’m not certain how liberals and progressives can support this Mayor who received an A- for fiscal conservatism from the Texas Conservative Review.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 3, 2012

  7. There’s nothing conservative about Parker’s ordinance. Conservatives favor private charitable activity and uphold property rights. This measure limits both, and is entirely in keeping with Parker’s philosophy of governance, which consistently favors blanket top-down measures rather than emergent order.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | April 5, 2012

  8. Conservatives also often favor harsh treatment to those most in need.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 6, 2012

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