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A Houston Oasis

I was driving around Houston a few days ago, and came upon this water and palm tree.

With this being a construction site and with a highway in the background, this seemed just how an oasis would be in Houston.

This would be an oasis with water you could not drink, and with a tree that was planted in a parking lot rather than “naturally occurring.”

This might sound critical of Houston. Yet I’m not sure where in the nation you will find a landscape not impacted by human beings.

I’m dubious of any claim that something is “natural.”

Here is a definition of an oasis from an online dictionary

1. a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having a spring or well.
2. something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.
Surely that spot above qualifies as an oasis within the context of being in a parking lot and near a giant highway.

Below is an oasis near the city of Ica in Peru. (Photo by Ericbonder.

I’m certain this would be a nice place to visit. But I would prefer the parking lot oasis in the top picture.

The parking lot oasis is within miles of my home, and the books and cable TV found within my home. It is near movie theaters and Astros’ games.

If I want any real nature, I could watch a show about that on my TV at home.

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  1. I’ve been to that part of Peru. It is breathtaking, literally. Us thin blooded lowlanders pretty much die for a few days in that thin and dry air. The coca tea will help you adapt, but don’t try the coca plus alkali mixture. Addiction may follow.

    But back to Houston, you haven’t really filmed nature in the Houston area until you’ve seen a nutria, AKA coypu. Go near running fresh water on a late cloudy afternoon and you will see them. Why a cloudy afternoon? Your long shadow will frighten them if there’s direct sunlight.

    Comment by bacopa | March 30, 2012

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