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The State-Mandated Rape Of The Texas Forced Sonogram Bill, The Cruel Houston Anti Food-Sharing Ordinance & A Report On A Trayvon Martin Protest Are The Topics For The Week Ahead

Above is a photo from a rally for justice for Trayvon Martin that was held in Downtown Houston on Sunday afternoon.

I attended this rally. I’ve seen one estimate of 1,000 people at the protest. All I can say is that there were many people present.

We’ve all got to stick up for each other. What happens to one person happens to everybody.

My time is a bit short today, but I will have a lot to discuss in the days ahead.

Topics of concern at the blog this week will be the state-mandated rape of the Texas forced sonogram law, the cruel anti-food sharing ordinance being pushed by Houston Mayor Annise Parker, and a more complete report on the rally that is pictured above.

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