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Photos From Possibly Last Legal Sharing Of Food By Food Not Bombs In Houston—Annise Parker Says It Has To Stop

(Blogger’s update 3/21/12–Mayor Parker has changed the ordiance and the issue remains before Houston City Council. I’ll have more to say about this in the days ahead.) 

This evening I attended that may be the last legal sharing of food here in Houston by Food Not Bombs.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker and Houston City Council are considering a city ordinance that would criminalize some acts of sharing food with the homeless in Houston.

Above you see what may soon be illegal.

These proposed restrictions would be the third city ordinance directed at the homeless in Houston in nine months. 

In her inaugural address a few months back, Mayor Parker said the homeless would be a focus of her administration in her second term.

I guess she was not lying.

Councilwoman Helena Brown was at the Food Not Bombs food sharing tonight.

Above you see Ms. Brown speaking to a citizen of Houston.

While Councilwoman Brown is a right-wing extremist who denies fulltime hours and access to City of Houston health insurance to her staff, it is good that she was present this evening.

Councilwoman Brown is right to see this proposed ordinance as overreach by government.

Above you see a final photo of the events of this evening.

The American flag is quite appropriate here as people in need are offered help by their fellow citizens.

I’m sorry that Annise Parker has a problem with the scene in the photo above, and that she is engaging in a legislative barrage against the homeless in Houston.

As it stands now, the Houston City Council meeting at 2 PM on Tuesday, 3/20 will be when this ordinance is discussed and possibly voted on.

Call the Mayor and members of Council to make your voice heard.

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