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To The Benefit Of Greens, Democrats Unable To Find Candidates For Full Texas 2012 Ballot—Greens Could Assert A Unanimity Against State-Sponsored Rape That Has So Far Eluded Texas Democrats

The Texas Democratic Party has failed to offer candidates for five statewide offices on the Texas 2012 General Election ballot.

(Above–A voting machine)

In two of these five races without a Democrat there is a Green Party candidate on the ballot.

This means that Greens are likely to maintain automatic ballot access for Texas in 2014 just as they have for 2012.

Automatic ballot access is gained when any candidate of a party wins 5% of the vote on Election Day. Greens reached this target in 2010 when Democrats failed to fill out a full slate in that year as well.

I look forward to voting for these Greens on Election Day 2012 so that the Green Party will have ballot access in 2014.

The Libertarian Party has candidates for every statewide spot in 2012.

I’ve heard people complain about Greens taking votes from Democrats in Texas.

Yet the responsibility for finding candidates is with the Democrats.

Texas Democrats had plenty of time to work this out. They were unable to do so.

My hope is that Greens will reach the point where they can win 5% and far more in races where a Democrat is on the ballot.

They still have some work to do to reach that goal. Greens have to show that they are worth voting for when there is a Democrat on the ballot.

One way that might be done is to point out differences between Greens and Democrats.

For example, three Texas Senate Democrats— Eddie Lucio Jr., Carlos Uresti and Judith Zaffirini-–provided critical votes to help pass the forced sonogram bill and the state-mandated rape of unwanted vaginal probes that are inherent to that onerous law.

Maybe Green candidates in Texas could establish a unanimity against state-sponsored rape that so far has eluded Texas Democrats.

Here is the Green Party of Texas.

Top Texas blogger Perry Dorrell has written on the ballot access concern at Brains & Eggs.  

Ballot Access News has a report on Texas filings. 

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