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Time To Catch The Flying Flat Boat Back To Texas

It is time to catch the flying flat boat for the return trip from Cincinnati to Houston.

Often this flight traces the route of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

Picture is of Ohio River from Cincinnati’s Eden Park this afternoon.

Peace and blessings to all.

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It Is Up To Us To Act—The Extreme Right Will Always Be With Us

Here is a Rick Santorum sign and a Tea Party sign that I saw in Cincinnati today.

No matter if it is the 40% that voted for Barry Goldwater in 1964, or right-wing extremists today, these folks are always with us. They steal our time and resources with ceaseless efforts to move the nation backwards.

We can’t deny that these folks are here, and that they have the right to proceed as they will. Yet the bottom line is our own actions as liberals and progressives.

The evidence is all around us as to the presence and actions of the crazed right. It is incumbent upon us to equal and to exceed the efforts of these dangerous zealots.

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Some Snow

It snowed today in Cincinnati.

The snow melted not long after it fell, but it was nice while it lasted.

It lasted long enough to take this picture.

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