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Talent And Self-Promotion Is A Great Mix

The entertainment was posing for the camera last night at the fabulous Palm Court room in Downtown Cincinnati.

There is little more honorable than an entertainer. Putting yourself out there for all to see and to judge is hard work.

A good mix of talent and self-promotion is a great thing in a person.

It’s great when people have a forum to make use of their talents. The good thing is there are any number of ways in life for people to make use of their talents.


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  1. Your pleasant disposition will not temper my criticism of Carlos Lee. Or Rush Limbaugh, for that matter.

    Comment by pdiddie | March 5, 2012

  2. Lee was more effective than I realized last year. And I often saw him hustling. Still–He is likely to stink this year.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 7, 2012

  3. I like this post Neil. It makes me believe that you have the power to understand the concept of capitalism and a free market and why distribution of wealth doesn’t work. What if that 3 pc ensemble (I assume there is a guitar player tucked around there somewhere but I only see 3) had a 4th member of the band that just sat there and did nothing. They had no talent or skill for entertaining, they simply just sat there and did absolutely nothing but distract from the show. Would that person deserve the same kudos you bestow on the folks in the picture?

    As you pointed out, “Putting yourself out there for all to see and to judge is hard work”. There is no doubt about that. But how does that differ so much from the norm of working diligently in your job to be rewarded with compensation? Risk vs Reward. I am sure you could see the parallel.

    Why should entertainers share the stage and applause with someone who has not achieved the same level of artistry? Why should the blue collar worker share his wages with someone who has not achieved the same level of success?

    The entertainer works and practices at their craft (I know this because I did it every Saturday night for 20 years) to attain the skill to be featured on a stage in front of an audience. The worker sacrifices his younger years to get a leg up on the competition.

    The performers paid their dues playing in smaller venues, birthday parties and other non-glamorous functions. Sometimes for low pay, most times just so they could get better. The worker plays the same role. Often taking on more tasks for the same pay just to get noticed. Working late hours to finish the job.

    The entertainers are the first ones to show up and the last to leave. Most will have to go to work the next morning at their regular 9-5 job, hopefully they got 3 hours of decent sleep. And this is where the line blurs into entitlements and social services.

    Its not fair to those who have risked EVERYTHING and put the time in to build their marketability only to have to share it with those who did not.

    Comment by Mike | March 8, 2012

  4. I don’t know if there was another band member as I was drinking some Kentucky whiskey when I took this picture. That has blurred my memory of the act up on stage.

    I agree with much of what you say here. Hard work and taking a chance should be rewarded. The person who does the work and takes the chance should get much of the reward. At the same time, taxation should be progressive and fair. Those who are quite well off should pay a fair share.

    I work very hard and I don’t see it as unfairly giving away my efforts to pay taxes that help others than myself. I quite willingly give away my efforts on this blog.

    If this society were more fair, than maybe the blue collar worker would be better rewarded and see a better future.

    What type of entertaiment did you do?

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 9, 2012

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