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I Kept On Walking

I took a walk today around the campus of the University of Cincinnati. This is a place I spent a lot of time at 25 years ago.

I looked at the kids walking around campus. I wondered why it was that some people were born at one time and others at another time. I wondered why it is why come to know some people and not other people. I wondered if could have formed lifelong friendships with any of these kids as I did with some of the students who walked on the U.C campus in the late 1980’s.

I realized I did not have the answers to any of these questions and I kept on with my walk.

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  1. I do not know how I found this, but I attend UC now. I do not know your age or anything about you, but read about your walk through campus. I have seen older people walk through campus and I always wonder what they are thinking. You have provided some insight to my thoughts. At my age (20 years old) I see campus as an odd place. I feel almost apart from it, but at the same time, very connected. Life is a weird thing, but friends can come from anywhere, any age, and at any time. Keep on questioning the world, that is a good thing.

    Have a great day!

    -Random UC student

    Comment by Rachel | March 3, 2012

  2. Rachel–Very nice and thoughtful comment. Thank you and good luck in your studies.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 7, 2012

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