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It Is A Great Sunny Day In Cincinnati

It is a great sunny day today in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I took this picture an hour or so ago from the Northern Kentucky side of the Ohio River.

Hope you’re having a great week and thanks for reading Texas Liberal.

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The Ladder Of Success In America Is Often Placed Out Of Reach

In America, the ladder to success is often out of reach.

With so many policies in our nation favoring the most wealthy, one might even say that it is willfully placed out of reach.

Here is an article on some of the difficulties of advancing up the social and class ladder in American from the radicals at The Economist.

And on the same subject from The Huffington Post. 

This blog is a big believer in working hard, and in doing things for yourself and in close concert with those who share your ambitions.

Yet the truth also is that hard work does not always pay off in America.

That is if you can even find a steady 40 hour job rather than part-time or temp work.

(Photo copyright 2012 Neil Aquino)

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