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Michael Berry Has A Right To His Views And We Each Have The Right To Assess Michael Berry

Blogger’s Note—-Below is a post I made last September about comments that did not seem very nice about gay people made by former Houston Councilman and current right-wing KTRH talk show host Michael Berry.  (The picture above is of Mr. Berry at the microphone.) In my September post I said that Mr. Berry was making a clear expression of his views.  This is a right that we all should have as Americans. Mr. Berry has been in the news in recent days for alleged involvement in a hit-and-run incident outside a gay bar in Houston.  Here is a link to a report on this matter from Houston TV station KPRC.  The KPRC report has video that the station asserts is of Mr. Berry inside the gay bar. The Houston Chronicle reports that Houston Police are looking into the incident again after an initial determination not to press charges.  I don’t know what exactly took  place the night of the alleged hit-and-run, or why it may be that Mr. Berry was in the bar if what KPRC says is correct.  I’d ask folks to read the stories  about the concern and to reach their own views.  Just as the post below may tell a story about Mr. Berry’s nature, the facts of this more recent development may also offer insight into the life of this well-known  public figure in Houston 

Here is what former Houston City Councilmember and current KTRH 740 AM radio host Michael Berry had to say on his Facebook page today  about Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham–

“Lindsay Grahamnesty is on Fox right now. Acting gayer than hell as usual. He grates on my nerves. Liberal Lindsay. Squish.”

I’m appreciative of people like Mr. Berry who tell us exactly who and what they are.

There were a number of comments after Mr. Berry’s Facebook post that appeared to suggest a measure of agreement with his views.

For example–

“Posts like this are why I love you. In a non gayer than hell way of course.”

Or this view expressed by a fellow citizen of our nation–

“He needs to go. I can’t stand this man. Lindsay, is that like Pat- is he a man or a woman?”

People are free to believe what they want to believe, and they are free to express themselves.

I encourage all people to speak their minds and to be involved with the issues of the day.

The facts are out there for all to see and consider. We can decide to make clear our own views to the contrary, or we can allow people such as Mr. Berry to have a free run.

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  1. Neil, I concur with your free speech views but using a homophobe like Berry as an example sends the wrong message, IMO.

    Views that hold no social redeeming value and in fact generate intolerance and hate are examples of free speech that did not make this country the role model it perhaps was and is for other democracies.

    But your context does demonstrate the stark contrasts that do exist in this country.

    Comment by lbwoodgate | February 18, 2012

  2. ibwoodgate–

    You’re perfectly right in what you say. It is just that I have reached the point where I think it is up to people to decide what the best course is with the clear facts we have on hand on so many issues here in Houston and in our nation.

    This is why I say in post after post that it is up to people on our own side of the aisle to do the work of freedom and justice. This is why in my previous comments on the blog about the Houston School Board member who has made anti-gay comments, I have said it is up to the so-called good people in our community to take action to call for the removal of that person.

    In the specific case of Mr. Berry, we have an interesting contrast. We see him say one thing, and yet maybe now we have facts which show a different aspect of Mr. Berry. I’m happy to bring both sides of this contrast to light for people to decide just what they think.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 18, 2012

  3. Why do you say a “different aspect?” It was a drag show. He’s had a drag queen on his show for years.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | February 18, 2012

  4. Another Republican hypocrite of the highest order? Say it aint so!

    Comment by nodecafplz1 | February 19, 2012

  5. We’ll see how the story goes.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 19, 2012

  6. […] at Texas Liberal wrote about Houston right-wing talk show host and former Houston City Councilmember Michael Berry. Mr. Berry is alleged to have been involved in a hit-and-run incident outside a Houston gay bar. In […]

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  7. For those clicking the link to the Facebook page – that is no longer available because Berry deleted his page – here is the cached version with comments. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:tI14JmXvjw4J:www.facebook.com/MichaelBerryFanPage/posts/10150297779851700+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

    Comment by MommieDawn | February 20, 2012

  8. @Neil – that ‘drag queen’ on his show, Shirley Q Liquor if that’s who you’re speaking of, was not in town that night. And Berry really likes Shirley because it’s a big white guy in black face mocking black people. THAT’S why he likes him/her.

    Comment by MommieDawn | February 20, 2012

  9. Michael Berry IS the politics of destruction. This could not be happening to a nicer guy!


    Comment by dmnewsi | February 23, 2012

  10. “And Berry really likes Shirley because it’s a big white guy in black face mocking black people. THAT’S why he likes him/her.”

    Why does RuPaul like Shirley?

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | February 24, 2012

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