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I Took A Ride Tonight—Sleet Then Storms Then Warmth

I took a ride this evening. I often take a ride by myself on Sunday evenings.

Doing this helps me clear my mind for the week ahead.

Above is a picture of Houston at night from one perspective.

There are many different perspectives from which one can view Houston, and from which one can view most things in life.

Many of these different perspectives are available if we just willing to look around.

You can’t tell from this picture, but there was a small measure of sleet taking place in Houston tonight.

Yet soon temperatures are supposed to be up into the 70’s here in the big subtropical city.

Things ebb and flow.

Often on a Sunday night I face a choice between taking my ride, or making a more extensive blog post before the busy Monday ahead.

As a general matter I choose the ride.

I choose the ride despite the fact I value the time of the blog reading public a great deal. I try to run a good blog.

Yet if I don’t have my own act together and my thoughts together, what good am I to others?

The change is temperatures I mentioned before in this post is expected to create some big storms early next morning.

Change often brings about a storm.

Everything we need to consider and understand life to the extent we are able is around us each day.

These things are accessible with hard work, self-discipline, imagination and luck.

Please have a good week ahead.

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