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Republican Houston Councilwoman Helana Brown Denies Full Time Work & City Health Benefits To Her Staff—Is This How We Want To Live?

Republican Houston District A Councilwoman Helena Brown could offer her City Hall staff full time work and health benefits, yet she chooses not to do so.

From the Houston Chronicle

Houston District A Councilwoman Helena Brown, whose lone “no” votes against city spending have differentiated her from the rest of the 17-member council, also is an outlier as an employer: She is the only council member to hire an entirely part-time staff that gets no health insurance or other benefits.

“The Council Member and all her staff were offered benefits but declined, choosing to opt for their own health care coverage in the private sector where it is more cost effective for employees, and let us not forget, for the City too!” according to a statement from Brown’s office.

Sure—Part time work and buying health insurance with the fewer dollars you make when you are working part time is best for all of us.

Is that how you want to live?

The facts are in front of us about what will happen we turn our society over to these folks on the right.

Part time work and no benefits for hard working Americans ,while Mitt Romney pays a lower tax rate than do everyday people.

This is all being done right out in the open. People are just going to have to decide what kind of future they want.

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