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Good Jobs=Great Houston Organizing Training Session On 2/11 & 2/12

There will be organizing training sessions held by Good Jobs=Great Houston this weekend. These meetings will be at 2955 Gulf Freeway in Houston.

Here is the website of Good Jobs=Great Houston.

Here are details of the two sessions—

A weekend of learning, sharing and training. Presented by veteran organizers Lisa Fithian and Juniper, and hosted by Good Jobs=Great Houston. RSVP now for your free space! Please specify Sat, Sun, or both.

9:30 Gather, Food (breakfast and lunch provided by GJGH)
10:00 Organizing For Power
From corporate offices to banks, auto plants to universities to cities and streets, strategic nonviolent direct action can creatively liberate spaces, shift the balance of power, offer alternatives and win. This workshop will look at some success stories, explore different action models, and examine some good practices in the art of actions and campaigns.
2:00 Nonviolent Direct Action
We will do some hands-on exercises including scouting, blockade techniques, flying squads, the five finger and more. We will draw together lessons for our movements about how we can work in alignment with one another despite differences in race, gender, class, culture, strategy, tactics and goals. 

9:30 Gather, Food
10:00 Facilitation and Consensus
This session will help us deepen our understanding of the role of the facilitator and the consensus/decision-making process in building strong groups.
2:00 Organizing Now and for the Long Haul
Our power is relational, so we need to build relationships that support each other and that last. This session will look at some of the basics of 1-on-1 organizing and structures that can support the 99% in being more engaged in this movement for social change

please RSVP to amy@occupyhouston.org. Note whether you’ll be there Sat, Sun, or both!

There is a Facebook page for this event called Organizing the Power of the 99%.

Here are pictures of a Good Jobs=Great Houston protest at the office of anti-worker U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady.  Rep. Brady has repeatedly voted against the extension of unemployment benefits for good people who are hard pressed in the Bush recession.

Day-by-day and step-by-step a more organized and energetic progressive and liberal movement in taking shape in Houston. Attend one or both of these sessions and be part of the progress.

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Occupy Galveston Celebrating Mardi Gras And The 99%

Occupy Galveston is out and about working for the 99%.

(Above–Occupy Galveston out on the streets.)

Here are details of Occupy Galveston celebrating Galveston Mardi Gras-

Ready to parade at Mardi Gras? We will be the pre-parade show for the two major Seawall parades!

We are planning on meetings:

Sat, Feb 11th: Meet at 11am in the open, grassy space at 21st and Seawall across from the Galvez.

Sat, Feb 18th: meet @ Seawall and 25th at 6pm. March up 25th.

You can just march or wear costumes, do street theatre, play music, hold signs!

We will be having Occupy Galveston t-shirts made and will be ordering 99% wristbands to throw to the crowds. If you are interested in ordering either of these, please let us know in the next few days.

Invite your friends, family, and Occupy movements from all over! 

There is an Occupy Galveston Facebook page.

Here is Occupy Wall Street.

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