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Video Game Post

A few weeks ago I was behind a video game truck while at a red light.  This truck apparently ships big video games all over Houston.

Here is some history of trucks and the trucking industry. 

Last week I saw this representation of a game of Galaga on a metal utility box of some kind here in Houston.

I do play Angry Birds sometimes on my phone. I don’t play any other video games.

When I was a kid I played games like Galaga at convenience stores that would have one or two machines set up.

There is a Galaga machine at the 59 Diner on Kirby in Houston. I can still score about 120,000.

The Economist magazine ran a series of articles on the video game industry a few weeks ago.

I read these articles. Soon all the world will be hooked on video games. Click the link if you want to know more.

Here is a history of computer and video games. 

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