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Home Is Wherever I’m With You—An Idea As Solid As The Galveston Seawall

I feel sometimes that I am most at home when on the move, when considering ideas that are interesting, and when I’m with friends.

This is why I enjoyed this graffiti that I saw on the Galveston Seawall earlier this week.

I was on the road for a day trip, I liked the idea being expressed, and I was with a friend.

“Home is whevever I’m with you”—An idea as solid as the Galveston Seawall.

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InterOccupy Conducts Conference Calls For Occupy Supporters—Tour The Site And Take Part In A Call

InterOccupy.org facilitates open conference calls about a variety of topics for participants and supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

This is just one more indication that Occupy is around for the long haul.

Here is a list of upcoming InterOccupy calls.

InterOccupy also serves as a source of Occupy Wall Street news and events.

Take a look around the site and see what you think.

InterOccupy also has a Facebook page.

In the big political year ahead and as the weather warms up, Occupy efforts around the nation are moving forward.

Here is Occupy Wall Street.  

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