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The Water’s Edge—A Lot Of Things Started Here

Here is a photo I took a few hours ago at the water’s edge in Galveston, Texas. 

Very primordial.

You say that this blog and that many things as well began at the water’s edge.

At The Water’s Edge is a well-reviewed book by Carl Zimmer about—among other topics—sea creatures first walking on land.

Life–A Natural History of the First Four Billion Years of Life on Earth by Richard Fortey is a very good book.

Prehistoric Life–A Definitive Visual History of Life On Earth by DK Publishing is enjoyable.

Things we see each day in life can spur us to think of the big picture. And of the fact that we all have a place in the big picture.

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House Decorated For Valentine’s Day In Galveston,Texas—Gay Marriage Makes Valentine’s Day 2012 Even Better

Here is a home decorated for Valentine’s Day that I saw a few hours ago in Galveston,Texas.

I thought this was friendly.

Here is a history of Valentine’s Day.

With more and more states allowing gay marriage, Valentine’s Day 2012 will be extra happy for folks able to live as they wish in a tough world.

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Review Of Contraband—I Liked All The Ships In The Movie

Last night I saw the movie Contraband.

This movie was about people smuggling stuff aboard big ships.

Here is my review of this movie—

“Contraband was enjoyable. There was plenty of action and many interesting pictures of ships and of Panama City, Panama.”  

This covers my thoughts about Contraband.

Here are some facts on what it is like to visit Panama.

Last week I saw The Artist.

There were many more people in the theater to see Contraband than there were to see The Artist.

The Artist was quite enjoyable as well. It was a black-and-white mostly silent movie about the film industry back in black-and-white, silent film days.

Go see The Artist so that the big megaplexs will still show such type movies along with action-packed movies about people smuggling stuff on big ships.

Above is a picture I took in Galveston, Texas a few hours ago of ships passing in the day. These are the type of ships that were in Contraband.

This is because art echoes life.

Or is it the other way around?

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