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Single Payer Health Care Advocacy Conference Being Held In Houston On Jan. 28

Here is an event relating to single payer health care that is being held in Houston later this week.  My comrade Perry Dorrell at the great Texas political blog Brains & Eggs has a list of a number of hopeful liberal and progressive events taking place in Houston over the next few days.
National Single Payer Strategy Conference in Houston

WHAT: Over 120 Representatives from 25 states and 52 organizations will meet in Houston this weekend to plan strategies to advance a single payer national health insurance plan in the USA. The best health care system plan for accessible, cost-effective, equitable and high quality health care is expanded and improved “Medicare for All”. Workshops and topics include:

*economic impact of the PPACA legislation, funding and affordability, the individual mandate, challenging electoral candidates to press forward for single payer during the election year

* defending attacks on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

* health care inequities; exposing pharmaceutical and insurance industry corruption of government

* state plans for universal health care coverage

* building coalitions with faith-communities, professionals, peace, justice, consumer rights and labor groups

* shareholder “divestment” campaign from profit-making insurance companies

* connecting to the Occupy Wall Street movement and occupying the health care debate

* lessons from the southern states and the civil rights movement to achieve health care as a civil right

WHEN: Saturday, January 28, 2012 2pm-9pm and Sunday, January 29, 9:00am-5:00pm

WHERE: Hilton Hobby Hotel, 8181 Airport Blvd, Houston

Agenda here (.pdf). Conference info: http://www.healthcare-now.org/campaigns/strat-conf/ Co-sponsor host: Health Care for All Texaswww.healthcareforalltexas.org

WHO: Senior leaders from national and regional coalitions, academic, medical care, health policy analysts, movie producers, videographers, writers and activists. Speakers available for interview include:

  • Dr. Claudia Fegan, Chief Medical Officer, Ambulatory & Community Health Network, Cook County
  • Dr. Walter Tsou, past president, American Public Health Association; Physicians for a National Health Program
  • Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy, National Nurses United
  • Mark Dudzic, Labor Campaign for Single Payer Health
  • Dr. Margaret Flowers, Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care
  • Dr. Jerry Frankel, Physicians for a National Health Program (Texas) www.pnhp.org
  • Donna Smith, (“Sicko”) American Patients United; California Nurses Association
  • Tim Carpenter, Nat’l Director, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Catherine Tactaquin, Executive Director, Nat’l Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights
  • Dr. Margaret Nosek, Executive Director, Center for Research on Women with Disabilities
  • John Lozier, Nat’l Health Care for the Homeless Council
  • Katie Robbins, Healthcare for the 99% -OccupyWallStreet-NY
  • Laurie Simons & Terry Sterrenberg, producers, The Healthcare Movie http://healthcaremovie.net/

Contact: Colleen O’Brien, media representative, Health Care for All TX -Houston, www.hcfat.org

281-660-9765, cobrien1ster@yahoo.com, or Cathy Courtney, HealthcareNOW Conference Planning Committee -Houston 832-677-6766, houstonc3courtney@gmail.com

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  1. I believe that the lynch-pin in unleashing the full mobilizing power of the 99%, is lodged in the struggle to unify citizens and immigrant-workers ( including undocumented) around every human, economic right, especially the right to universal healthcare with a single payer. (After all, contagious diseases and public-health “best practices” do not require immigration papers.)

    Therefore, this healthcare conference can serve to be an excellent unifying and uplifting experience for all human rights and economic rights advocates who take part.

    Here are some of my thoughts and some of the issues that I hope will be addressed at this VERY IMPORTANT Healthcare strategy conference on Jan 28th and Jan 29, 2012 here in Houston at the Hilton Hobby Hotel :

    “1. Vision for a new society: requires universal healthcare with a single payer. What are the political and organizational steps that will unify the U.S. 99% in defeating the powerful health-insurance corporations?

    “2. “Brown is the New Black:” the unifying and critical issue of healthcare for migrant families (including undocumented workers). How have public medical employees in California mobilized in resistance to immigration regulations (ICE) which require the reporting of undocumented patients and the refusal of medical care to immigrants? Statistics showing that immigrant workers contribute to the economy. How the 1%, big corporations and big banks, together with labor-displacing technology, have caused the collapsing U.S. economy and the loss of jobs. The mobilizing power of citizen-migrant worker unity.

    “3. Adolescents and Youth and the crying need for universal MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTHCARE. The ultimate costs; links to the prison population; link to criminal procedure, e.g., the use of “Mental Health Courts” (particularly when the defendant is an Iraqi or Afghanistan war veteran);

    “4. Interstices: What are the potential links between the “universal healthcare” issue and: 2012 elections; corporate sponsors of pending legislation; health-insurance lobbyists and attack on funding for Social Security , Medicare, CHIPS, public clinics; etc? What must be done?”

    I have registered for this national strategy conference and hope you will do the same.

    Please submit registration online to:


    Submitted by: MariaElena Castellanos
    Human Rights Advocate & Attorney at Law
    OccupyHouston – member

    Comment by Mom (MEC) | January 25, 2012

  2. Thank you. There is a lot of work to be done and you appear to be a great advocate.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 27, 2012

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