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Socialist Government Snowplows Descend On Midland-Odessa

Above and below are Texas Department of Transportation photos of snowplows at work in the Midland-Odessa area.

Here is the caption with photo you see above—

“TxDot Odessa District crews plow the roads after receiving a record snowfall on January 9-10, 2012, and work tirelessly to clear roads and bridges.”

Government at work even in very conservative parts of our Great State of Texas.

The people of Midland-Odessa are not tough enough and hard-working enough to overcome this obstacle?  No citizen-volunteers have formed teams to come and get the snow off the roads?

Maybe it is only people someplace else, and people unlike however folks perceive themselves in conservative parts of the nation, who rely on government in a bad way.

Here are facts about snow from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Here is a history of snow removal.

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  1. Wow, that straw man never knew what hit him. You keep slayin’ em, Neil!

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | January 13, 2012

  2. You mean like President Reagan’s alleged Welfare Queens or the endless cries that socialism will be taking over the land?

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 13, 2012

  3. A straw man followed up by a tu quoque is disappointing.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | January 14, 2012

  4. I don’t think you would be allowed to use that word in a Scrabble game.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | January 14, 2012

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