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Certificate For Honorably Discharged Veterans—War Based On Lies

Above is the certificate I got a few weeks back from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs noting the death of my father in March of 2011.

My father–Anthony S. Aquino–-was a combat veteran of the Korean War.

Family members of honorably discharged veterans can get this certificate. It is signed by the President.

My dad would have been glad that this certificate was signed by Barack Obama and not George W. Bush.

Tony viewed G. W. Bush as little more than a murderer for sending troops to fight and die in Iraq based on lies.

Dad was of the opinion that President Bush’s twin daughters should go and fight in Iraq.

I’m putting his views a bit more nicely than dad often did.

It is everyday people who fight our wars, while politicians and war profiteering corporations gain.

Also, many civilians die in our wars. Though our nation often lacks the moral character to discuss that fact.

The Coldest Winter—America and the Korean War by David Halberstam is a well-regarded account of the Korean War.

Cultures of War—Pearl Harbor/Hiroshima/9/11/Iraq by John Dower is about how militaristic cultures bungle and bluster their way into endless conflict.

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