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2012 G8 & NATO Summits In Chicago Very Much Need To Be Occupied

The G8 and NATO summits are to be held in Chicago next May.

The corporate-owned Mayor of Chicago—Rahm Emanuel— is ramping up the police state for the events.

From the Chicago Tribune

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to raise fines for resisting police as the city gears up for anticipated protests that will come with the G8 and NATO summits to be held in Chicago next May.  Protesters found guilty of resisting a police officer or aiding escape would have to pay a maximum fine ranging from $200 to $1,000. Currently, the range is $25 to $500. The proposal introduced at today’s City Council meeting also would allow Police SuperintendentGarry McCarthy to deputize officers with other agencies, including the FBI and Illinois State Police. The proposal also would appear to give the mayor greater power to sign contracts related to planning security and logistics without City Council approval.

Here is a perfect event to be Occupied as a rebuke to both parties, the obscene amounts we spend on defense, and the whole power structure in this corrupt nation.

I can’t imagine that many protest actions are not already in the works.

Here is the Occupy Chicago website. You can also find Occupy Chicago on Facebook.

Here is Occupy Wall Street. 

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