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Bill White Says Jolanda Jones Only Represents Certain People—I Wonder What He Might Be Implying With This Assertion?

Democrat Bill White’s offensive letter endorsing Republican Jack Christie in the runoff for Houston Council At-Large #5  says “As an At-Large member of City Council Jack will represent all his constituents…he will listen to every point of view.”

(Above–Councilwoman Jones with citizens she’ll be representing to your detriment.) 

When you are publicly and brazenly ditching one of the core constituencies that got you elected Mayor of Houston and who supported you strongly for Governor, why bother with code words in any respect?

And just so you don’t think I’m making this line of attack up by former Mayor White, here is what he says on a mailer sent out by the Christie campaign

“Jack understands and values the diversity of Houston. As an At-Large member of City Council he will represent all his constituents, not principally those who voted for him on election day.”


If it is not racial, than what is it? Economic status? Certain neighborhoods in Houston?

In any case, Mayor White says you are getting short-changed at City Hall by these unnamed others.

The Democrats in the two At-Large Council races in our 61% Obama 2008 city of Houston are Kristi Thibaut in #2 and Jolanda Jones in #5.

Mr. Christie makes things up. As I’ve learned first hand, you can’t trust the things he says. 

Early voting in this election is over. General Election Day is Saturday, December 10.

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