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Occupy Wall Street Taking Hold Across The Nation—Please Consider Getting Involved

Occupy Cincinnati now has a phone # and a mailing address.

They have a regular schedule of meetings to discuss what is to be accomplished.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I lived in Cincinnati for a number of years. I write this blog from Cincinnati for two weeks of each year.

Step-by-step, Occupy efforts across the nation are showing they are around for the long haul.

They don’t need to be camped out in a specfic place. You can’t evict an idea.

Find an Occupy effort near you on the web or on Facebook.

If there is no Occupy near where you live, then start one yourself. We are each responsible for our future in our nation.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website. 

Here is the Occupy Cincinnati website.

There is now also an Occupy Northern Kentucky Facebook page for folks living across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

Noted author and columnist William Greider has some thoughtful and hopeful things to say about Occupy is his latest column in The Nation.

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