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How The Liberal Elite Enjoy The Holidays—Enjoy The Season Any Way You Wish

With a fiber optic Christmas tree, some Little Debbie Cookie Wreaths and a few holiday lottery tickets, I am ready for the holidays.

Lottery tickets are a rip-off.  (Only time I’ll ever link to Dave Ramsey.)  I can afford a few every so often. Don’t buy lottery tickets if you can’t afford them.

Or don’t buy them at all if you have any sense.

Here is the Little Debbie website.

I wanted to give you this insight to the lives of the liberal elite. We live like kings and queens.

Just 24 more non-stop retail store and online 24/7 shopping days until Christmas.

And just 19 non-stop shopping days until Hanukkah.

Find your way to a fun holiday season. Enjoy the season in any way you wish and with any and all people who make you happy.

Enjoy as much time to yourself as you can.

Buy what you can afford or buy nothing at all.

Enjoy any holiday to choose to observe, and wish people holiday and Christmas greetings in any way that suits you and is respectful of others.

Stay connected and stay your own course.

And—of course—Occupy Wall Street. 

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  1. Your World Socialist Workers Party membership is hereby revoked. Please turn in your card at the nearest lottery ticket redemption center. We’ll be tracking your movements via your smartphone.

    Comment by PDiddie | December 1, 2011

  2. As long as I get a refund on the unused portion of my membership. Just send the payment by electronic transfer to my smartphone.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 2, 2011

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