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Who Are The Democrats In Houston City Council Runoff Elections?—Andrew Burks Is On All Sides Of The Aisle

It is time for Houston City Council runoff elctions.

Early voting begins on November 30 and runs through December 6. General Election Day is Saturday, December 10.

There are 2 citywide races and 2 district races.

Who are the Democrats in these races?

For Houston Council At-Large #2, Kristi Thibaut is the Democrat.

For Houston Council At-Large #5, Jolanda Jones is the Democrat.

In Houston Council District A, both candidates are Republicans.

(I’ve got little interest in a race between Republicans, but endorsed Republican Helena Brown is an very extreme right-winger.)

In Houston Council District  B, both candidates are Democrats.  The two candidates are Alvin Byrd and Jerry Davis.

For At-Large #2, Andrew Burks is taking the support of the Republican Party. You see at the bottom of this post what I am saying.

The thing is if you look at the website Mr. Burks has set up for this race, he says he is a Democrat.

Here is what it says about Mr. Burks on his website—

“Burks has been a life long Democrat and has worked with the Democratic Party in voter education and outreach as well as has improved and implemented policies and procedures for the Harris County Democratic Party.”

Get it?

Mr. Burks is a Republican if you are a Republican, and he is Democrat if you are Democrat.

And if you are a Green or Libertarian, I’m sure that can be worked out as well.

I’m not telling you I have a great deal of confidence in Kristi Thibaut or Jolanda Jones. Ms. Thibaut will play it safe and likely never champion the disenfranchised in Houston. Ms. Jones will allow her conduct to get in the way of her advocacy for the people she represents.

The issue is that you should not be allowed to play all sides as Mr. Burks is seeking to do. Beliefs matter. Party matters. Houston was a 61% Obama city in 2008. We should not give away an advantage.

Kristi Thibaut and Jolanda Jones best represent the political and policy beliefs of  the people of Houston. This is the issue. Not skin color. Not how people dress for Council meetings as Jack Christie would have you believe.

Nothing matters  but the bottom line of public policy and partisan advantage as the high stakes election of 2012 draws near.

What I’ll be doing is voting for Ms. Thibaut and Ms. Jones in the runoff, and then giving them a hard time after the election.

We should expect more of candidates for office and of the people that we elect.

More importantly, we should expect more of ourselves. We don’t have to accept candidates for office who are on every side, and we don’t have to accept Democrats who take our support on Election Day but who are not on our side after Election Day.

JPG EMail Banner
HCRP Advisory Board Endorses in COH RacesHCRP Advisory Board Endorsements(l to r) Helena Brown, Andrew C. Burks, Jr. and Jack Christie

The Harris County Republican Party Advisory Board has voted to endorse the following candidates in the upcoming City Of Houston Runoff Elections. The following are the most qualified, conservative candidates and, as early voting approaches, we will highlight each candidate. In the meantime, please visit their websites (see below).

Helena Brown – District A

Andrew Burks, Jr – At-Lrg Position #2

Jack Christie – At-Lrg Position #5

Early voting runs Nov. 30 – Dec. 6. Election Day is December 10th.


Jared Woodfill
Jared Woodfill
Chairman, Harris County Republican Party

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  1. Great Idea! I’m going to use the Harris County Republican party website to decide who not to vote for. I usually follow the HGLBT Political Caucus endorsements to decide who to vote for. Sometimes they endorse some Republican judges, I vote for those judges. I usually just vote for the Democrat, if there is one, the Libertarian if I’m feeling cranky, or just abstain from voting for judges. How the heck are Harris County voters supposed to become informed about those screens and screens of judicial seats? I have noticed the Dems are putting up a fight in more of the judge races.

    When I was a juror last time they said that Harris County is the 2nd largest criminal court jurisdiction in the US. Who is #1? LA County is my guess. The boroughs of NY probably have their own courts, Chicago and Cook Co. probably have some old-timey distinctions.

    Comment by Bacopa | December 1, 2011

  2. The Republicans often do a much better job than do Democrats in Harris County about telling you who is a Republican and who is a Democrat. I really can’t figure out why this is so. It would seem so easy to address.

    I wager LA is the answer to your question.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 2, 2011

  3. “The boroughs of NY probably have their own courts”.

    My dad was a judge in NY for 14 years. It’s actually a little more complicated than that, or at least it was when he was elected in 1982. At that time, the judicial district he was in encompassed all of Staten Island and some of Brooklyn. This was most likely to balance the population totals, but I’m just guessing. Anyway, each of the five boroughs of NYC is also its own county – New York, Bronx, Queens, Kings (Brooklyn), and Richmond (Staten Island). More than you wanted to know, but what the heck.

    Comment by Charles Kuffner | December 2, 2011

  4. “Ms. Thibaut will play it safe and likely never champion the disenfranchised in Houston.”

    I don’t think that is a fair assumption at all. Rep. Thibaut lobbied for an organization during the 2007 legislative session for lower utility rates for the disenfranchised and has taken heat from Republicans for it ever since.

    Comment by Matt Zeis | December 6, 2011

  5. Mr. Zeis—Given Mr. Burks, hopefully we’ll get a chance to test your assertion.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 6, 2011

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