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Protest To Call For Resignation Of HISD Board Member Manuel Rodriguez—Mr. Rodriguez Has Attacked All Persons In Our City

Incumbent Houston Independent School District Board member Manuel Rodriguez circulated anti-gay campaign materials during his recent reelection bid.

(Above–Citizens of our community calling for the resignation of Manuel Rodriguez.)

Mr. Rodriguez won his race by 24 votes.

A website has been established to call for Mr. Rodriguez’s resignation from the board. 

There is also a Facebook page called Remove The HISD Bully.

How can Mr. Rodriguez well-serve any HISD student? The rights and dignity of all people are connected.

If Mr. Rodriguez has a problem with gay folks, who can be certain that Mr. Rodriguez will champion the success of any HISD student?

There will be an upcoming protest to call for Mr. Rodriguez’s resignation.

I encourage all freedom loving Houstonians to attend this event.

It would be great that if in addition to an informed and outraged general public taking part in efforts to call for Mr. Rodriguez’s resignation, we were also to see coordinated efforts among Houston’s various civil rights groups.

Folks can’t go on just speaking up when their own concerns are the issue. We will never make progress if that is how we operate.

Mr. Rodriguez’s hate mongering is an attack on all people and it is a call to action for all people.

Here are details of the protest—

JOIN US in protest of HISD School Board Trustee Manuel Rodriguez, who according to the Houston Chronicle, displayed “appalling homophobia” over the weekend. The HISD School Board is the LAST place that we want this kind of homophobia to be in power.

What: HISD School Board meeting 
When: Thursday, December 8; outdoor protest beginning at 4:30pm, public hearing at 6:30pm 
Where: The Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center, 4400 West 18th Street, in the board auditorium.

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