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You Have To Stay Your Own Course

When the police state raids Occupy camps, the Tea Party and libertarians are nowhere to be found protesting an aggressive and violent government.

When finally a movement starts that opposes economic injustice, many progressives calculate if and when it will be safe to support it.

When a new Hispanic opportunity Council district is created in Houston after much fuss, hardly anybody votes.

When the GLBT Political Caucus in Houston gains influence on behalf of a just civil rights cause, the influence is used to back candidates who support right-wing economics.

The lessons are clear–Just like the ships in the Houston Ship Channel, you have to stay your own course even in polluted waters.

(Above–A ship in the Houston Ship Channel.)

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  1. Amy’s campaign didn’t spend a lot of time in J, but all I know for sure about it is that I saw Mike Laster multiple times on the campaign trail, seeking endorsements and speaking intelligently. I never once saw the other candidates. So I’m saying the reasoning in the article about the others being “underfunded” is not the whole story. You gotta actually show up not only to vote, but show up as a candidate.

    Interestingly, Jim Bingham, presumed white guy, was intending to run in J but was purged from the voter rolls without his knowledge (http://jimbigham.com/2011/09/07/letter-to-supporters-regarding-the-district-j-ballot-deadline/), making him unable to file for candidacy. Besides presumably having an impact on the outcome of the race, it’s scary that this is even something that can happen to anyone.

    Comment by Raffi Wakefield | November 17, 2011

  2. Raffi–I’ve no doubt that Mr. Laster worked hard and merits his win. He seems like an okay enough guy from what I’ve gathered. There sure was though a disconnect from all the tough talk at the time of Counvil redistricting and what really took place in our Hispanic communities.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 18, 2011

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