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B-52’s Are Cheery, Energetic & Professional—That’ll Get The Job Done

I saw the B 52’s last week here in Houston.

The band was cheery, professional, creative and energetic. They struck the right line between being friendly, and yet a bit removed from the audience.

They appreciate that you bought a ticket and that you would like to see them play, but they are not going to invite you up on stage or out for a drink after the show.

That is just how it should be.

I try to avoid knowing much about the baseball players I follow or about people in bands I like.

I just imagine them all as nice enough people—or least not bad people—and let it go at that.

The video with this post is Song for a Future Generation.

It is a happy song.

Here is the B-52’s website.

Here is an introductory history of music with links to additional information if you are so inclined.

(Below–The B-52’s in Houston last week.)

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