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Don Cook Makes His Case For Houston Council At-Large #1

Longtime progressive activist Don Cook is running for Houston At-large Council seat #1. The incumbent in this race is Stephen Costello.

(Above–Mr. Cook.)

Don has always cared about Houston and about the individual citizens who live in our city.

Here is Don’s take on the At-large #1 race—

The Houston City Council At-large position 1 incumbent is seriously conflicted between personal gain and the benefit of the people in his relationship with a small group of cronies involved in the 20 year, $8 billion drainage project he has promoted, and the contract with the city his company has for this project. The drainage fee associated with this project is really a regressive tax, harming the middle class and poor more than the wealthy, while he has bragged that his drainage fee is 1/3 the putatively alleged (and possibly further rising) average fee. The austerity budget passed by the city council, laying off hundreds of city workers and cutting services, will suppress the local economic recovery and destroy more jobs. Since the banks are metaphorically stuffing the mattress with their bailout money by purchasing government bonds rather than investing it in the economy to promote jobs and recovery, it falls to government at all levels to sell those bonds to them and invest in the economy, causing prosperity to ripple out. The bond market, incidentally is leading the investment markets, and municipal bonds led in the second quarter this year. Finally, HPD must be held accountable for civil rights violations. Since the leaking last February of the video of the Chad Holley beating by several HPD officers, I have been working with the Black Justice Coalition. I have been participating in their weekly rallies and I have been helping to collect signatures on their petition for a civilian review board for HPD. No agency or organization is capable of, or should be trusted to, review itself, and if the police are not part of the community, they will be apart from the community.



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