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Events At Occupy Houston—Please Take The Time To Learn More About The Occupy Wall Street Effort

Above is the poster for the Corporate House of Horrors to be held by Occupy Houston at Tranquility Park this evening.

Here is the Occupy Houston website. 

Tomorrow–October 30– there will be the event you see on the poster below.

It is hopeful to see this type of energy and creativity here in Houston and in our nation. This stands in sharp contrast to efforts that spend a lot of time asking silly questions like if President Obama was born in Kenya.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website. 

I support the Occupy effort because I work hard everyday, pay my taxes, and vote in every election. I’m hoping for and working for a society where hard work pays off, everybody pays a fair share of taxes, and where we care for each other when times are difficult.

As Americans learn about this movement, they are open to hearing more. Even one-in-four conservatives are open to the Occupy Wall Street effort.

Please consider the Occupy Wall Street effort. Look for Occupy efforts near where you live.

The issue is at stake is the ability of Americans to live decent lives. In many respects it is a fundamentally  conservative movement.

Find out for yourself. There is little more central to the Occupy effort than the message that we each have to take responsibility for our democracy and for our future.

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