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World Series

I’m listening to the World Series right now on the Texas Rangers flagship station KESN.

I’m hearing this station on the Major League Baseball app on my iPhone.

This is just how people kept up with the games back in the old days.

(Below—Fans following 1911 World Series in New York City by watching a “playograph.”)

A strong resource to learn about the history of World Series play can be found by exploring Baseball Reference.com. 

One of the two starting pitchers in the first World Series game back in 1903 was none other than the great Cy Young.

(Below–Cy Young.)

I have followed the World Series for many years. Though not as far back as Cy Young days.

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Next Occupy Galveston Event Is On October 22

The next Occupy Galveston event is just a few days away.

From the Occupy Galveston blog

We will be holding a public protest against unethical banking practices and corporate crime on Saturday, October 22nd from 9:30am-1:00pm at 22nd & Market St in front of the Bank of America. If enough people gather we may be having an impromptu march to other large banks in the area and organizing a General Assembly nearby. Please come join us, IT IS TIME TO DEMAND THAT YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

We are the 99%, We Will Not Be Silenced!

Above you see a number of fine Americans at a recent Occupy Galveston event.

The Occupy Wall Street represents a broad cross-section of Americans.

You can start an Occupy movement in any city.

Use Facebook or Google to see if there is an Occupy movement near you.

Here is the Occupy Houston website. 

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website.

Occupy Wall Street is about everyday Americans who want a political system that is not bought off by big money, and who want hard work to matter in terms of living a decent life, having access to decent health care, and to being able to retire at some point in life.

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