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What Are The 2011 Texas Constitutional Amendments On The Ballot?—I Don’t Know

There are 10 amendments to the Texas Constitution on the 2011 ballot.

These items are called propositions.

(Below–A 1631 painting by Judith Leyster called The Proposition.)

What are these propositions?

I have no idea.

There are resources you can use to figure out how to vote on these issues.

Here is a guide from the Texas Secretary of State. 

Houston area Democratic State Representative Scott Hochberg has some facts about  the amendments.

This pdf report from the House Research Organization of the Texas House of Reps. is useful.

The League of Women Voters of the Houston Area has information about these propositions. This is also a pdf file.

Progress Texas has a view on these amendments from a left of center perspective.  

Here are facts about how the Texas Constitution is amended from the Handbook of Texas Online. 

I promise the blog reading public that I will take some time the night before I vote to figure out what I think on these amendments.

Early voting in Texas for 2011 runs October 24-November 4.  General Election Day is November 8.

Here are my endorsements for the 2011 Houston city elections.

(Below–Some movie I’ve never heard of.) 

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