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Photos From 12th Day Of Occupy Houston—Occupy Wall Street Protests Taking Place Across The Nation

Here are some pictures from the 12th day of Occupy Houston.

I took these pictures a few hours ago.

Below—When I went to Occupy Houston this time around, there were about 35 people taking part. This is at Tranquility Park in Downtown Houston.  In talking to a few people I’ve gotten to know, I was told that the crowd ebbs and flows based on the time of day and what is taking place. Occupy Houston is not as big as other Occupy efforts across the nation. On the other hand, the people involved in Occupy Houston seem on-board for the foreseeable future. They have stuck it out through rain and heat. Given that this movement had never even bveen heard of a few weeks ago, I’d say they are doing well. And you never know when something will take off even more successfully.

You can stop on by Tranquilty Park yourself to say hello and to lend your support.

Below–Some signs on display at Occupy Houston. Do you really imagine that your retirement will work if you don’t have Social Security? Who gets a pension anymore? Can you be sure that your 401k money will be there when you are set to retire? The markerts swing up and down all the time.

Below–Somebody donated a flat screen TV to Occupy Houston. I hope they can keep that thing dry the next time it rains. Occupy has been showing videos and movies on that TV. When I took that picture, the Occupy Houston livestream was what was being shown. So that is me taking the picture on the TV.

Below–The fellow citizen you see in that picture brought his own stuff to Occupy Houston. He then procceded to make his own signs. Nothing is more central to the ork of freedom than the decsion of each individual to work with others for a better nation and a better world.  The work of freedom is up to each of us.

Here is a previous round of pictures from Occupy Houston. Here are pictures from the first day.

Here is the Occupy Houston website.

Occupy Houston is planning various events siuch as an acoustic night and movies related to the ideas behind Occupy Wall Street.

There is also an Occupy Houston Facebook page.

Here is the Occupy Galveston blog.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website.

Here is why I support the Occupy movement.

Here is how you can start an Occupy movement in the city, town or suburb where you live.

The New York Times reports that Occupy Wall Street is discussing specific dmands as the movement grows.

This article also discusses a process of more specific demnads that has taken place at Occupy Austin.

From the report—

“In Austin, Tex., participants agreed on four demands, including an end to corporate personhood and tax reform. One Austin activist, Lauren Walker, linked the movement’s goals directly to government officials. “This is our time because we’re coming up to the 2012 elections,” she said, suggesting that protesters saw the presidential election as a “deadline” ….” 

Follow Occupy Wall Street and related efforts around the nation and see what you think

Find an Occupy movement near you and get involved.

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Festival Ballet Providence Staging All-Star Benefit Gala Performance On 10/19—You Should Attend

My Uncle Tom in Providence, Rhode Island wants folks to know about the above event.

Tom Aquino is a strong supporter of Festival Ballet Providence.

Here are some details about this event—

“Festival Ballet Providence is presenting “Together we Dance” an All-Star Benefit Gala performance.  Featuring special guest artists from: American Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Houston Ballet, Lithuanian National Ballet, and New York City Ballet. “

Here is some history of ballet. 

Below is a picture of Tommy that I took earlier this year in Providence.

I’ve parked the rental car in something of an improvised location so we could visit the Rhode Island Korean War Memorial in Providence.

My recently deceased father fought in the Korean War.

In this picture, Tommy is admiring my parking skills and is wondering who would question family members paying tribute to a fallen warrior.

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