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Houston City Elections—Vote Even If You Are Not Enthused

I’m overdue to blog extensively about the upcoming Houston municipal elections. Early voting starts on October 24 and Election Day is November 8.

I’m embarrassed to claim these elections are relevant. The energy and optimism of the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Houston movements in recent weeks has made our Houston city elections seem even more irrelevant.

The narrow ideological range of the issues discussed in city elections—and of the candidates themselves—helps explain and perpetuate the chronically low turnout in Houston.

I don’t care about red light cameras. I am so tired of hearing about the red light cameras.

However, there are reasons for hope and ways to make your views known even within the paltry options provided on the 2011 Houston municipal ballot.

Karen Derr and Josh Verde are progressive options to the Ellen Cohen money machine is Council district C. I live in Distrct C.

Amy Price is a great new voice for At-Large #4.

And while Democratic Mayor Annise Parker is the only credible candidate for Mayor—Progressives and liberals have the option to leave the ballot blank for Mayor.

You don’t have to reward Mayor Parker for attending Republican fundraisers, or for raising a $2.3 million campaign warchest while doing nothing to register voters or strengthen the Democratic Party for the fights ahead in 2012.

The near 50% child poverty rate in Houston? It’ll be a cold day in July in Houston before you hear Mayor Annise Parker address that topic with any intensity.

Houston city elections often seem to be little more a taxpayer-financed subsidy for a political class of consultants, city contract seekers, and all-purpose opportunists who all have little do with everyday life in Houston.

We’ll have to make the best of this election, and then work with Occupy movement to bring real hope and change to our politics.

I’ll be blogging more on our Houston elections over the next couple of weeks.

The League of Women Voters of the Houston Area has a voter’s guide online in pdf form to help voters learn more about Houston city candidates. 

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Photos From Occupy Houston—Learn About The Occupy Movement For Yourself

Below are five photos from Occupy Houston that I took a few hours ago.

The Occupy Houston has been going on for a week so far.  

1. New participants are always welcome.

2. Each day there is an agenda.

3. If you come to visit or to stay overnight–There will be some healthy food for you to eat.

4. The Occupied Wall Street Journal from the New York Occupy Wall Street effort relates the news from where this movement began.

5. This fine young citizen made his own sign, and then worked to convey his message.

Here is the Occupy Houston web site.

There is also an Occupy Houston Facebook page. There are Occupy Facebook page for many Occupy efforts across the nation. Search Facebook for a movement near you.

Here is a post I’ve made with a link to Occupy Galveston and to other Occupy efforts in Texas. 

Here is a list of Occupy movements in our great nation.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street web site.

The Occupy Wall Street effort is a chance for a real national movement that is free of big money and that brings many of our fellow Americans into political activity for the first time.

I ask my fellow citizens to take the time to consider the Occupy movement, and to consider if this is something that is relevant to your life.

Occupy Wall Street is about the 99% of us who can’t afford a lobbyist, and who simply want hard work and playing by the rules to lead to a decent life.

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