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Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Health Care Reform Was The Model For Federal Health Care Reform—What Did Romney Tell People To Get Elected In Liberal Massachusetts?

NBC News reports that the White House used the Massachusetts health law as the model for federal Health Care Reform, and that the Obama White House met with policy experts who helped write the Massachusetts law that was signed by then Governor Mitt Romney.

“Above–Governor Romney’s portrait as Governor of Massachusetts. Painted by Richard Whitney.)

From NBC

“Newly obtained White House records provide fresh details on how senior Obama administration officials used Mitt Romney’s landmark health-care law in Massachusetts as a model for the new federal law, including recruiting some of Romney’s own health care advisers and experts to help craft the act now derided by Republicans as “Obamacare….. “The White House wanted to lean a lot on what we’d done in Massachusetts,” said Jon Gruber, an MIT economist who advised the Romney administration on health care and who attended five meetings at the Obama White House in 2009, including the meeting with the president. “They really wanted to know how we can take that same approach we used in Massachusetts and turn that into a national model.” Romney has forcefully defended the Massachusetts law he signed, but says he is adamantly against a “one-size-fits-all national health-care system” imposed on all 50 states. “I will repeal Obamacare,” he has said. “And on day one of my administration, I will grant a waiver from Obamacare to all 50 states.”

Federal Health Care reform will help millions of now uninsured Americans get access to health insurance.  It will stop insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and kicking you off coverage if you get sick. Having health insurance will allow people  to change jobs more freely, and will allow people to avoid bankruptcy if they get sick.

Read here for yourself what Health Care Reform is really about.

For Governor Romney to threaten to effectively repeal Health Care Reform that he helped bring about–and that will help millions of Americans—is just sick.

This is all simply about catering to extreme states rights views among the Republican primary electorate.

It is no surprise though. Republican primary voters get their kicks by cheering executions, cheering uninsured people dying, and booing gay Iraq combat veterans. 

I wonder if the Republican primary electorate is so caught up with anger that they fail to ask themselves what Mitt Romney must have told the people of Massachusetts to get himself elected in that liberal state. It can’t be what he is telling Republicans nationally in 2012.

Adherence to to extreme right-wing views by average working people will be of little comfort when you need health insurance, and when you need Social Security.

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