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Occupy Houston March To Start On Thursday, October 6 At 8:30 AM—Why I Will Be There

(Update– 10/06/11–Here is my post on the event today.) 

(Blogger’s Note— I’m going to say just I what I said yesterday in this space with one new link at the bottom and a new poster for the event below the links. I’ve been heartened  by the amount of blog traffic my posts on the Occupy movement and Occupy Houston have been receiving. Let’s be hopeful and see where all this leads.)   

I’ve worked ever since I graduated college.

I willingly pay all my taxes.

I vote in every election.

I write a political blog so I can be part of our democracy.

I spend much of my free time reading and following baseball.

Maybe I’m the conservative.

Maybe my friends are the conservatives.

Maybe the Occupy Wall Street folks are the conservatives.

We just want a decent society where playing by the rules and working hard is rewarded.

What we don’t what is a nutball free-for-all of corporate criminals owning our politicians, endless war based on lies, and treating people like crap because they may be gay or of color.

This is why I’ll be attending the Occupy Houston event you see described below.

I think we need to be—working together—the source of our own hope and change.

The work of freedom and democracy is up to each of us.

Here is the Occupy Houston website.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website. 

Here is a great view on the protests from the liberal magazine The Nation.

Here is a Daily Kos post with links to Occupy efforts all across the country. This is a great resource.

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  1. This march is not just about liberal wishes. The Government has negatively affected both right and left. I usually vote right. I am gun shy. I don’t know WHO to vote for. The corruption has gotten so bad that neither party have respect. Neither party follow through with their promises. No matter who is in office WE THE PEOPLE will have to not be tolerant anylonger. We the people must be more involved with decisions that our government has made for us for decades. I can only hope that with the thousdands of citizens standing up for their rights that our voice will be taken seriously by the next president elect. By the congressman next by the next senator. Next governnor the next mayor. The future judges. May many filters that we the people will have to follow and follow closely

    Those who are campaigning. Should dig deep within their own pockets to campaign. Frankly people do not have no feel compelled to fund a campaign that in the end takes the 5th on all promises. Besides. We have taxes to pay. The mayor raisid quite a large amount of money to campaign with. By whom….judges…attorneys…politicians…the deep pockets.. WhySo that this elite group can continue to control houston at the expense for thosewho pay their salaries..WE THE PEOPLE. For our Mayor to accept this money yet lay off city workers due to budget crunch is a prime example of selling the powerless to feed the powerful!

    We the people are up against a guarded FIRE BREATHING DRAGON.

    It is Time to rattle the nest.


    Comment by Angellike | October 6, 2011

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