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Occupy Houston Event To Be Held On October 6—It Starts At Market Square Park At 8:30 AM

(Update– 10/06/11–Here is my post on the event today.) 

Below are details about the Occupy Houston protest to be held later this week.

Here is the Occupy Houston website.

Here is why I will be taking part in this event.

I will be at this event. I hope you will attend as well.

The details as written by Occupy Houston—

IT’S TIME TO STAND UP. Join @OccupyHouston and the rest of the 99% On October 6, 2011 and make your voice known!

  • We meet at Market Square Park at 8:30am on October 6. Pick up a sign if you don’t have one. Meet your fellow protesters, and get ready to march!
  • At 9:00am we march to J.P. Morgan Chase Tower downtown.
  • After an hour of speaking out against corporate corruption, at 10:00am we head toHermann Square and begin our occupation.

Check out and share our Facebook event with your friends. If you want to join us in the afternoon then please head directly to Hermann Square Park. Come join us and stand in peaceful solidarity with our brothers and sisters occupying Wall Street and the rest of the nation. Together we can END CORPORATE CORRUPTION OF DEMOCRACY!

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Occupy Wall Street Type Protests Being Held Across The Nation—Dissent A Part Of Our Nation Since Earliest Colonial Times.

(Update– 10/06/11–Here is my post on the Occupy Houston event today.) 

Above is the art for the Occupy Providence event that will be held later today.

This art includes the great religious dissenter and the founder of Rhode Island—Roger Williams.

I’m glad to say I’m a descendant of Roger Williams and that I lived in Rhode Island for 12 years.

Here is the Occupy Providence page on Facebook. 

I’m also very glad for my 13 years so far in Houston.

Here is the Occupy Houston page on Facebook.

Here are details about the Occupy Houston event to be held this upcoming Thursday, October 6. 

This event and march begins at Market Square Park in Downtown Houston at 8:30 AM. I will be there. I hope you will be there as well.

The concern that many Americans have about the corporate takeover of our nation, and about the fact that hard work often does not pay off in our nation anymore, is shared by people all over America.

People just want a fair deal for an honest day’s work.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website. 

Here is an Associated Press story where the Occupy Wall Street folks say they are in it for the long haul.

Here is the link to the Roger Williams National Memorial Park. 

A book I own but have not yet read is Liberty of Conscience—Roger Williams in America by Edwin Gaustand.

Below is a photo I took of the Roger Williams Memorial Park earlier this year. People lived in crude shacks.

Rhode Island was founded in the 1630’s by people seeking religious liberty.

The spirit of dissent and of liberty is part of the American fabric from the earliest colonial days right up to the present day.

Let’s follow the Occupy protests and let’s be a part of this movement.

The Occupy protests may or may not lead to something bigger.

We can be hopeful. We can be informed. We can be involved.

The work of freedom and democracy is up to each of us.

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