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KTRH 740 Host Michael Berry Says Senator Lindsey Graham “Gayer than Hell..”—We Are All Free To Express Ourselves

(Update 2/16/12–Mr. Berry  has been reported in the media has being invloved in a hit-and-run outside a gay club in Houston. Read the story and reach your own views.)  

Here is what former Houston City Councilmember and current KTRH 740 AM radio host Michael Berry had to say on his Facebook page today  about Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham–

“Lindsay Grahamnesty is on Fox right now. Acting gayer than hell as usual. He grates on my nerves. Liberal Lindsay. Squish.”

I’m appreciative of people like Mr. Berry who tell us exactly who and what they are.

There were a number of comments after Mr. Berry’s Facebook post that appeared to suggest a measure of agreement with his views.

For example–

“Posts like this are why I love you. In a non gayer than hell way of course.”

Or this view expressed by a fellow citizen of our nation–

“He needs to go. I can’t stand this man. Lindsay, is that like Pat- is he a man or a woman?”

People are free to believe what they want to believe, and they are free to express themselves.

I encourage all people to speak their minds and to be involved with the issues of the day.

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Ass-Headed Demons—Long A Part Of Life

Above are ass-headed demons on display at the British Museum in London. This ceramic plaque is from 15th century Burma.

Thesw ass-headed demons were sent by Mara, the god of death, to distract the Buddha from his course of enlightenment.  Mara was defeated after the Buddha asked the Earth-goddess to see how hard he was working for enlightenment. The Earth-goddess sent a giant earthquake and Mara retreated.

I bet we all have people in our lives who we see as ass-headed demons.

Some might be well-known political figures or people in the news, while others might be folks we’re forced to deal with each day in life.

As you can see, ass-headed demons have long been a part of life and existence.

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