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Republican Texas State Rep. Says Birth Control Is Target Of State Budget Cuts—They Are Telling You What They Are

Republican Texas State Representative Wayne Christian says that cuts to family planning agencies by the Texas legislature are about birth control as well as about abortion.

(Above–Wayne Christian on the left with Texas Governor Rick Perry. These men are concerned that Texas women have access to birth control.)

Here is what Representative Christian said

“The goal is to get government money out of the abortion process and if contraceptive services have to suffer a bit of collateral damage in the process, so be it. When The Texas Tribune asked state Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Nacogdoches), a supporter of the family planning cuts, if this was a war on birth control, he said “yes.” …“Well of course this is a war on birth control and abortions and everything, that’s what family planning is supposed to be about,” Christian said.”

Representative Christian is elected by folks in Shelby, Nacogdoches, San Augustine, Sabine and Jasper counties.

I bet folks in these fine Texas counties use birth control.

I wonder in how many town hall meetings or voter forums that Rep. Christian has told his constituents that they should not use birth control?

So much for government staying out of your life.

The good thing here is that at least Rep. Christian is telling you up front what he supports.

This is just as we are seeing with Republicans in 2011. They are telling us that Texas-sized use of the death penalty and letting the uninsured die is a cause to cheer.

Rick Perry and the Texas  legislature are quite content to allow women to go without decent health care so long as they can keep up the attacks on Planned Parenthood and on birth control. 

We are going to have an election in 2012 and we are going to have clear choices to make.

I’m looking forward to the election and to knowing where we all stand on the issues before the nation.

When somebody tells you who and what they are–You should believe them.

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