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Driver’s License Renewal—Peace & Blessings To All Our Fellows

I’m at the DMV right now getting my driver’s license renewed.

I’m happy to be with all my fellow citizens. And non-citizens.

All people must visit the DMV to get a driver’s license.

The picture here is of my shoes as I wait in line.

Some of our fellow citizens don’t look very friendly. I’m concerned that somebody might shoot me if I took a picture in which they felt they had been included.

On the other hand, I was able to lend a pen to a man who based on his accent might have originally been from Africa.

Peace and blessings to all our fellow men and women from all over the globe.

Peace and blessings and just keep your eyes focused down on the floor so as to avoid trouble.

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Cheering Death—Tea Party/Republican Party Candidates Tell You Who And What They Are

Let us appreciate some folks in the crowd at the Republican debate last night cheering the idea of an uninsured person dying just as we welcome Rick Perry’s lack of concern — and the crowd’s roaring approval—that any of the 234 people he has executed may have been innocent.

Let the American people have clear choices in 2012 and we can decide as a nation what we want.

If you think that Social Security is unconstitutional as does Rick Perry, then you can support Mr. Perry for President and let the stock market and that steady 40 hour job you’ll always be able to count on provide for your retirement.

At least these Tea Party/Republican Party candidates don’t pretend they care and then do nothing.  They tell you who and what they are.

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