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Cincinnati Casino Construction Site Is Pit Of Sin—Finished Product Will Be Den Of Sin

This pit of sin is the casino under construction on the outskirts of Downtown Cincinnati. I took this picture earlier this week.

This will be the first casino in Cincinnati.

This casino is a perfect addition to Cincinnati in a time when the only growth industries in our nation appear to be copper theft and selling stolen goods on online auction sites.

I’m sorry that voters authorized this casino.  It seems to me to signify a sense of hopelessness that jobs can be no longer be created in Ohio and the nation from any worthwhile form of commerce.

Gambling preys on the poor.

Right now this is a pit of sin. After it is constructed, I will take another picture on one of my Cincinnati visits and refer to it as a den of sin.

(Photo copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.)

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  1. Neil, I’m curious — would you be oppose casino gambling if the poor were not permitted to indulge?

    One could easily imagine a mechanism where only “accredited gamblers” (people certified to have a certain amount of assets or income or expertise) would be allowed to make bets, just as only accredited investors are allowed to purchase unregistered securities today.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | September 10, 2011

  2. From the city skyline that looks like it may be the site of the old Riverfront Stadium. Is that where it’s being built?

    Comment by PDiddie | September 10, 2011

  3. Most people get a pretty good value out of gambling provided they budget their money, don’t bet over their heads, and take full advantage of the comp system. That said, casinos don’t prey on the poor…they prey on the rich and the weak minded. Like most things in business the old 80/20 rule applies strongly in the casino industry. 80% of the profits come from just 20% of the customer base who really like to gamble. If you’re rich and can afford to bet big you don’t have a gambling problem. If you’re poor and like to bet big you’ve got a real issue and unfortunately, despite the casino PSA’s about how they care about problem gamblers, they really don’t care. The only decisions a casino considers is whether to bust someone out quickly or bleed them slowly.

    As for me, I’m a professional blackjack player and I’m looking forward to taking as much money from the fine people of Ohio as I can before they kick me out and I move on down the road.

    Comment by Mister X | September 11, 2011

  4. Matt—I vote against all expansions of gambling. I would vote to end the Texas lottery if I could. I sometimes gamble myself. I would not stop anybody from gambling. I think gambling has always been with us. Before you had to find a bookie or an illegal numbers operation, go to Las Vegas, or wait at the track for 30 long minutes between races. Now it is everyplace. I don’t know what the tipping point is of gambling everywhere in combination with a tough economy. But I know I don’t like what I see.

    Perry—It is on the other side of downtown. Away from the river. The former stadium has some condo deal that has taken years and years to even get started.

    Mister X—Thank you for the comment. People who are down and out go for the big chance sometimes. I sold Ohio lottery tickets as a college job and many of my regular players could not afford the tickets. More played than would have when illegal. Though some did tell me about how the illegal numbers operated based on doing it themselves.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 11, 2011

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