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Giant Burrito Takes Precedence Over Commentary On The Big Issues Of The Day

I’m certain that I was going to make a post this afternoon about the big issues of the day.

But then I got caught up in eating the giant burrito you see in the picture.

And now I have to get on my with my day.

I take a picture of very meal I eat in case I am someday recalled in the yet-to-be constructed  blogger wing of the Smithsonian. They might want to know about my every moment.

No. Really I took this picture because I knew I’d not have time for blogging today if I went out and got the burrito. I needed the picture for the post.

Here is some burrito history. 

With the burrito I was reading 1493–Uncovering The New World Columbus Created by Charles C. Mann.

Here is a review of this very good book.

Columbus sure did change the world.

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