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Vice President Biden Says All The Right Things—We Must Fight For Ourselves As Working People

Above is a picture of Vice President Joe Biden.

(Photo copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.)

I took this picture on Labor Day at the Cincinnati AFL-CIO picnic.

Vice President Biden spoke in the most forceful terms.

He said that everyday working people were in a fight for “existence” against our extreme right-wing adversaries.

He said that organized labor was one the few things keeping the “barbarians from the gate”  in terms of the rights workers to collectively organize, and in protecting the futures of all American working people.

He said that he was about to be “unleashed” to make more clear the differences between the Tea Party/Republican Party  and a more hopeful agenda that values everyday working people.

The Vice President talked a good game. He said all the right things.

Howver, I think the verdict is still out on to what extent the Obama-Biden administration will really fight for working people.

More to the point, the verdict is still out as to what extent working people will fight for themselves as wages, benefits and access to good jobs are all under attack.

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Creation Museum—These Folks Are Plenty Serious

Above is a picture of a cave girl and a dinosaur.

I took this picture last week at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Petersburg is not far from Cincinnati.

This was a very elaborate and professionally done museum.

There were a number of families in this museum. Parents were pointing out the exhibits to children.

I saw cars in the parking lot with license plates from many different states.

I’m not making fun of the folks who were at the museum. When you think you are smarter than somebody else, that is when they get the best of you.

I’m just telling you that this museum is there and that many people are going to this museum.

In the gift shop you can buy lessons to teach your kids. I saw people buying these lessons.

Here is the web site of the Creation Museum. You can review this web site and see that these folks are plenty serious and that they have plenty of resources.

As I often stress at this blog, you are just going to have to make the call about what kind of nation we are going to have in the days ahead.

We can live in a nation where the view that cave girls hung out with dinosaurs is the accepted truth, or we can base our views about the Earth and about life on Earth on the scientific facts.

People can decide what they want for our national future, and they can decide how hard they will work for what they believe.

Here are some basic facts on evolution from the University of California at Berkeley.  

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