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Moving Towards Labor Day Weekend

Cincinnati looks great in summer from the vantage point of Mt. Echo park on the west side of town.

Labor Day weekend is almost upon us.

I hope you are getting some time off. And I hope you will treat your fellow working people with respect over the holiday weekend and all of the time.

We must also recall the many unemployed people in America today. The unemployed seem to have been forgotten by Washington and in our state capitols.

We must insist that our political leaders advocate for everyday working people and for the unemployed, and not just for big corporations and for the rich.

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  1. “They can’t buy backbone”

    Rushmore is the best movie ever set in Houston.

    Comment by Bacopa | September 4, 2011

  2. Bacopa—Have not seen it.

    I wonder how many movies have been set in Houston.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | September 7, 2011

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