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Green Party Candidate Amy Price On The Trail For Houston City Council At-Large #4

Green Party Houston At-Large candidate Amy Price spoke at the Meyerland Democratic club just a few hours ago.

Amy is going to unseat incumbent C.O. Bradford.

Here is Amy’s website. Take a look and learn more.

Please consider donating to the Price campaign and getting involved.

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  1. I am totally looking into voting for Amy Price. With our open nonpartisan elections that are often decided in a Saturday morning runoff, I think Price has a chance. Everyone knows that the early morning posse tips the Saturday elections. That’s how Parker won, and that’s how our hybrid primary/caucus system operates. Hillary won the primary, but the hardcore Obama folks (I was one of them) tipped the delegates to Obama in the caucus.

    This election is exactly the sort of thing we need to to make greens viable. Don’t run spoiler candidates. They just screw things up. I’m talking to you Ralph. Build local bases. win local races where it’s easy. Price seems to be doing it perfectly. And how about school boards. CFISD, which I think is the 2nd or 4th largest school district in TX is falling to the conservatives. I went to CFISD schools in the enlightened 70’s and 80’s and lament what is is becoming. Can we get some stealth greens into CFISD?

    If you live in a suburban MUD, go to the board meetings. The MUD’s are corrupt. My mother used to manage one in NW Harris Co, though it’s now part of the Houston co-op tax plan and practically annexed to the city. MUD’s elections are easy to win, get a posse of 25 and you can tip an election. Start writing your checks to yourself once you win. You can pay yourself $400 a month for going to two meetings and coming in to sign checks twice a month. Best part time job ever.

    And seriously folks. Obama has not turned out like we dreamed, but did you really expect that thirty years of “starve the beast” conservatism could be turned around in three years? It’s time to stop grumbling and get behind Obama 2012.

    Comment by Bacopa | August 16, 2011

  2. Bacopa–There will be a number of posts about Amy here in the next few weeks. So hopefully you’ll be convinced. Thanks for the great comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | August 19, 2011

  3. Bacopa–
    thanks for coming in with some support. Can I win you entirely? Give me a chance and I’ll convert you into a block walker…
    Amy Price

    Comment by amypriceforhoustoncitycouncil | August 20, 2011

  4. Amy,

    Thanks for replying. I can plaster Willowchase and Willowbrook with signs for you. I am reluctant to give my physical location in a public website, but I live within a five min walk from the 77070 post office. You can email me at Bacopa(sixty-eight expressed as numerals) @gmail [dot]com.

    I can stake you some signs and may be able to drive voters to the polls or early voting locations.

    You just gotta get the into the runoff. The runoff posse decides it there.

    Thank you for being a responsible Green candidate. If the Greens (or any third party) are going to make headway they have to have experience in local elections and local governance. Thank you for using Houston’s unique non-partisan runoff system to make this possible. No third party can have creditability without experience winning elections and governing. You seem to be choosing this path.

    Comment by Bacopa | August 21, 2011

  5. To Amy Price:

    Your letter to Bill O’ Reilly, your stand against the “budget cuts,” your support of healthcare insurance with a single-payer, your consistent message of inclusion, your support for urban-gardens and a rethinking of our relationship to nature, food and sustainability; your refusal to “pander” to big corporate interests, your clear and courageous statement of core values, and your declared intent to use, if elected, public office to serve “the people’s needs”— not “corporate greed” — have won my vote… to be cast today, Oct 24, 2011 … the first day of early voting.

    MariaElena Castellanos
    Attorney and Counselor at Law
    Mother of two voting-age Houstonians and
    a long-time community-rights advocate;

    P.S. Please note: I don’t hitch my star to just anybody’s “bandwagon.” But you make a whole lot of sense, Amy … and you reflect the independent spirit, insight, cooperative nature, committment and clarity that characterize so many younger OccupyHouston “pioneers” and patriots. U go girl ! —

    Comment by MariaElena Castellanos | October 24, 2011

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