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Rick Perry Set To Run For President—Decide For Yourself If Perry Should Lead Our Nation

Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to run for President.

This blog has made a number of posts about Governor Perry. At the bottom of this post, I’ve assembled some of the best posts in one place for your review.

Rick Perry is a far-right extremist.

You won’t be surprised that the writer of a blog called Texas Liberal feels this way about Governor Perry

However, I feel that Americans of many ideological viewpoints—including those who see themselves as moderate Republicans–will find that Rick Perry is simply too extreme to lead our nation.

I urge all Americans who care about our nation to study Governor Perry and to reach their own conclusions.  The work and responsibility of democracy are tasks that we all must complete for ourselves.

Here are a number of Texas Liberal posts about Governor Perry and his record—

7/18/11—Rick Perry’s Fed Up!—The Last Warning sign To The Danger That Lies Ahead.

6/15/11—Texas Governor Rick Perry Refers To Himself As A Prophet.

6/8/11— Rick Perry Calls For Prayer As He Afflicts The Poor And The Sick.

4/22/11– Rick Perry Correct To Call For Prayer To End Drought.

4/18/11—Rick Perry Asks For Help From Washington For Texas Wildfires–Where Are The Tea Party Disaster Relief Teams?

2/20/11–Texas On The Brink Report.

2/8/11—-Governor Perry And Extremist Texas Republicans Target History And The Arts.

2/3/11—-Texas 48th In Children’s Health

1/21/11—Texas Budget Deficit Reflects Republican Mismanagement And Poor Citizenship.

11/18/10- The Air In Texas Is So Bad That It Offends Oklahoma.

9/28/10—Since He Won’t Debate, What Type of Empty Chair Should Be Set Up For Rick Perry?

9/17/09—Governor Rick Perry–A Friend Of Acorn And America When He Finds It Useful To Be So. 

4/27/09—Despite Seccession Talk, Texas Governor Perry Asks For Federal Help On Swine Flu.

4/16/09—-Texas Governor Rick Perry Talks Treason

(Below–Rick Perry with Acorn in 2005 as he signed a housing bill.)  

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