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Texans, Rather Than Barack Obama, Will Choose The Weather For Texas—Tropical Storm Don

Texans will not be cowed by a socialized “National Hurricane Center.”

(Above– What the Federal Government wants us to believe.) 

We have been hearing about so-called Tropical Storm Don.

If there is a “tropical storm” off the Texas coast, why can’t hardworking God-fearing Texans see it with their own eyes right now?

And why is government watching over us from space?

Is this how we Remember the Alamo?

I encourage Texans who strongly believe in states rights to head to the beach and take to their boats so Washington understands that it is Texans–and not Barack Obama– who will make the decisions about our weather.

(Below– The Alamo. Photo by Daniel Schwen.)

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  1. Okay.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | July 29, 2011

  2. Too bad there’s no storm pending that can disrupt the prayer rally.

    But you never know. Allison came from nowhere and dumped bigger buckets than had been see before.

    Comment by Bacopa | July 31, 2011

  3. Is that what you’d like to see, Bacopa? Are you hoping for a repeat of Allison – which killed dozens of people and caused billions of dollars in property damage – so that people will be prevented from saying things you don’t like?

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | August 1, 2011

  4. Matt—We also need to deal with the tragic affliction who take everything in a literal sense in order to make a point that they know at heart not to be the point.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | August 1, 2011

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