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How About Some Leadership And Energy From The Harris County Democratic Party?

Despite 3,882 followers, the Harris County Democratic Party Facebook page has been updated once since June 29. And that one time was to sell tickets for an event.

Does the HCDP have anything to say about anything here in the third largest county in America, and with city elections taking place in November?

Even if it is just a few sentences, I manage to update this blog nearly every day of the year.

While many good people care about the party and do get involved, sometimes it seems that the Democratic Party in Harris County is little more than a refuge of sorts for longtime loyalists who might now be 75 year old precinct chairs, a source of networking opportunities for a select group of much younger people, and a “flag of convenience” for candidates who at core operate for the benefit of large donors, and who often ignore the many in Harris County who could use some help but are mostly voiceless.

Do you recall any leadership from the HCDP during the recent Texas legislative session?

Can you recall the last time the HCDP got involved in generating turnout and enthusiasm for municipal elections in Houston?

Here is the link to the web site of the Harris County Democratic Party. On the front page of the web site they suggest that you “like” the HCDP on Facebook.

I’m not really certain though why you would do that. The party never says anything on Facebook.

Folks in Harris County deserve better.

Yet what folks need to grasp is that they themselves are going to have to demand more of the party.

We need to demand more of ourselves.

It is up to each of us as individuals to work collectively for a better Houston and a better Harris County.

This is work that we need to start right away.

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