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Three Thoughts About Twitter

Three thoughts about Twitter—

1. The two largest groups of my Facebook friends come from either people I’ve encountered through blogging about politics in Houston and Texas, or are people I met 20 or 30 years ago in Cincinnati during my well-spent punk rock youth. I’ve probably got about 200 folks from each of these groups on my Facebook.

Many of my Texas blogger and political friends use Twitter based on the Twitter feeds I see that are automatically set to be posted on Facebook. On the other hand, I’m not aware of a single punk rock friend who uses Twitter.

2. I am increasingly convinced that all those hash tags on Twitter and the abbreviations required to meet the 140 character limit, are somehow part of an evolutionary drive to use language and symbols to drive group cohesion and exclude people who are not in the know. I read that Twitter stuff and I’m just not always sure what people are talking about.

This drive may well reside in the subconscious. Though you can never overstate the cliquishness of both political life and social media. When you combine political life with social media, it seems almost incestuous.

3. While I’m not saying I won’t someday sign on to Twitter, I have not done so to this point. I guess my inner Sid Vicious from my punk rock youth prevails on this matter.

(Below–The Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky from back in the day. Maybe not so many future Twitterers in that picture.)  

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  1. Did not see myself in that photo(though I might have been there), but I am on twitter. While facebook allows me to connect with people I already know, twitter has allowed me to make connections with people I didn’t previously know. The joke that goes around twitter periodically is “facebook makes me hate people I already know; twitter makes me like people I don’t know.” Like most such jokes, there’s a nugget of truth in it. When you do sign up, I’ll follow you….

    Comment by Brendan Halpin | July 10, 2011

  2. Thanks for the comment and for saying you’ll sign up to follow me if I get on Twitter. Maybe I’ll sign on the Twitter and use an online Klingon dictionary to write all my updates.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | July 11, 2011

  3. Neil, I think you would love Twitter! I totally agree with Brendan Halpin’s comment. Twitter is about finding interesting people that you may not actually know. In fact, one of my good friends here in San Antonio is someone I was brave enough to meet in person after connecting with her on Twitter.

    I know the hashtags and abbreviations can be confusing, but I don’t think they’re intended to leave people out. They are used to convey the most meaning in the smallest number of characters.

    Another great thing about Twitter: it’s the new news source. When the US killed Bin Laden, I read it on Twitter about 15 minutes before they said it on CNN.

    Let me know if you ever decide to try it out!

    Comment by Sarah V. | July 19, 2011

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