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Hard Working, Imaginative, Polluted & Brutal

I visit the Houston Ship Channel sometimes because the channel is hard working, the product of imagination to have made the salt water sea reach 50 miles inland, polluted, & brutal in a way with huge ships and giant quantities of goods and chemicals of all sorts.

(Above–The Houston Ship Channel. Photo copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.)  

These qualities of hard work, imagination, polluted by the world, and brutal in ways we don’t always realize are what I am and what you are.

The world around us is what we are as individuals and as a society.

The world around us is hard-working, imaginative, toxic at times, and brutal.

Make the effort to see the world and what each of are as individuals for both good and ill.

A great book to read to learn about the Houston Ship Channel is Energy Metropolis–An Environmental History of Houston and the Gulf Coast.

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